In this section conceptual ideas in the Paml ground are described and discussed, as well as theoretical and practical reasons to develop Paml language.

Source Code Semantics from Styles

The idea is to make styling a language feature, which defines semantics of language elements. Also, the idea of projection editors is not new, so combine styling and projection editor into a hybrid editor.

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Productions and Resources

Productions and resources are a bridge between abstraction level of Paml models and actual output code in C#, which will be compiled/debugged into binaries like DLL.

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Object-Oriented Assemblers

It seems that the key problem with modern object-oriented programming languages (OOPL) that they are more programming than modeling ones. And seems this problem cannot be resolved in OOPL.

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Updated Paml Syntax/Semantics

Introduced enumerations and explicit built-in value types with strong typing.

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